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Indy Lopez a.k.a Mr. Lopez Tribute (Spain)

By M-Sensation
Indy Lopez e роден на 21 Февруари 1977 во Валенсија, Шпанија... Тој е еден од познатите шпански уметници на електронската музичка сцена. Со своите 15 години искуство не изненадува со мешавина на свежи звуци каде што публиката ужива во неговата музика, полн со енергија и страст овој артист ви преставува 3 сетови и неколку песни кои можете да ги слушнете и Download-ирате на неговата нет страна http://www.indylopez.com/

Indy Lopez is one of the most versatile Dj's and producers on Mediterranean House/Electro scene. Born 1977 in Valencia, Spain & with over 15 years experience in the world of music, he is characterized by his music styles fresh and energetic that touches all variants of "House music" with a very special sound and characteristic of the Mediterranean which delight the public wherever he goes. Indy was introduced to the music world in the early 90s by a small radio station in his home town (Radio Sol) where at only 13 years old, thanks to his friends and classmates, came across the great variety of sounds in an age dominated by the rise of the Valencia sound.

As a result of being too young to work in night clubs, he was constantly looking for a way to stay in contact with the public, organizing private parties for his friends or at school, where he continued with studies, while enjoying to the max. The parties that the radio station organized at small clubs, local bars and parties. Upon becoming old enough to work and thanks to the great popularity of the radio program, he earned his first resident DJ position in AMD Amadeus, becoming the youngest DJ in Valencia, at only 16 years old and playing huge sessions for over 3000 people. Years later he relocated from the city in order to form part of “Onda Mediterráneo Gandia” as the music and program contents director of the well known radio station forcing him to leave his position as resident DJ and start his journey as a freelance DJ.

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