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Alex Dimitri (Italy) Tribute

By M-Sensation
It can be said of Alessandro Pedone aka Alex Dimitri South Soul, that he creates an ambiance that makes a lasting impression – always leaving the crowd wanting more. And when it’s all said and done, as the lights go on at the end of the night, the club-heads are rest-assured to still feel his vibe ringing in their ears as they drift off to sleep with a smile. Alex started out as a disc jockey when he was just 14 years old – playing for his peers at various events. It was at that age that he got a taste of the style of music that he truly loved - Garage and Soulful House – and it was at that period of time he became aware of what he was destined to do. Born in Brindisi, Italy, which is located in the “boot” of Italy, Alex spent many years perfecting his craft and becoming a celebrity of sorts in his hometown where he would give command performances at numerous “Hot Spots”. In 1999, Alex decided to relocate to Rome because he was given an opportunity to headline at such clubs as Mountgay.

It wasn’t until several years later that he decided to get into the producing and remixing aspect of the music field, thereby broadening his horizons and taking his talent to a new level – as many of our top DJs have done. This year has promised Alex’s breakthrough. He remixed the vocals of none other than the incomparable SuSu Bobien – creating a masterpiece that was selected out of hundreds of spec mixes which were submitted to the label, Soundmen on Wax, Ltd., for the Set Free Project. Though Alex is busy remixing and producing – he still remains true to his roots. Other DJ’s include Ron Carroll, Terry Hunter – who is an inspiration of Alex’s as well as Tony Humphries. Also, aside from being the new resident DJ at MAVU, that featured other guest DJ's like Louie Vega, Terry Hunter & Terisa Griffin, Dimitri from Paris, Mario Biondi, Gotan Project. Alex will be and branching out to different towns and cities all over the country. And it's one of the many dj's who we hopely see in Macedonia. For short view of Alex Soulful House music here is something for you
Dj Set by Alex:

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