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Marcos Lopez a.k.a Marck DB Tribute (Spain)

By M-Sensation
Marck belongs to the new batch of DJ's who are present and the future of Valencia. Starting from a very young and today already more than 10 years in active, is an entrepreneur, whose passion for everything related to the world of DJ and music, has led him to stay in touch with the best sound equipment and electroacoustic more powerful, reaching up the sound system of several clubs very important distinguished by their warmth and good acoustics. Three of his current artistic referring son David Penn (his music), Victor Fletcher (for his polished technique) and Cesar of Melero (for its exquisite selection).
Marcos with his brother Indy made this incredible track, who to be honest is M-Sensation favorite, it was on Release Yourself with Roger Sanchez show - best of 2009 and it's called Cuba Night. Here is a preview of the track:

Keeping always in hand and their roles dj producer, Marck fleeing rarities and focuses on making people dance. In the same way that people heard their meetings, he listens and looks to the public at all times knowing what they need. Highlights from among any of the rooms for which happened: Natural (Castellon), DJB (Silla, Valencia), Limon (Domeño, Valencia), Zenith, Primptemps, Divina Valencia, Strago and Farah'S (Mallorca). It is also noteworthy for its passage Electrosplash, being responsible for the closure in its first edition, thus putting their bit in the current success of this festival. He is known for his taste and selection, closed without any style and rhythms ranging from more fresh and fun, even more raw and forceful. After traveling for much of the Spanish geography, Marck is focused on his facet of producer, but recent being its first official launch, along with his brother and fellow Indy Lopez: Caribbean Queen Release feat. Noelia [PINK STARS MUSIC]

So we've noticed that Music Zone Production from Spain is offering great dj's like Marck DB and Mr. Lopez (Indy Lopez) and to us M-Sensation is great pleasure to tribute them to our blog and present them to you, we hope to see them in Macedonia to throw us some unforgetable parties. In continues i'm presenting you Marck DB's DjSet for you. Enjoy!


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