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Promotion: Pepi Angelov (Kavadarci - MK)

By M-Sensation

Pepi Angelov a.k.a Dj Pepi was born at 1994 in Kavadarci, Macedonia. Kavadarci in Macedonia is famous for great wine and even greater musicians. Since at small age Pepi was affiliated with electronis music, and like ever young dj that is obsessed with great vibes, Techno was his first choice. Then later he started changing his music affilation to House, Latino etc.. But he found himself in Trance music.

Trance music satisfied his music needs and now that kind of music represents his work. It's interesting that in Macedonia few dj's spin Trance, so Pepi at his 17 years of age is making mash-ups and extraordinary remixes, and we truly hope Trance will remain his journey to greater music. For a preview here it is, his latest mash up. Enjoy!

His latest DJ-SET, download link HERE!!!

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